The Power Of The Cave.

Posted: March 17, 2018 in Simplistic Theist Minds
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“The Promise of The Cross Ministry” have come to my attention locally with some Easter thing they’re doing, and it got me thinking what this promise is.


The promise of the cross for most of the thousands of people put on them was a slow painful death. If we look at the christian claims that promise is the same but with one badly document motion the story is that the jesus guy had it shortened by a pointy stick allowing him to bleed out in a day or two less than those he was put up with. Now if we consider the story book version of events the cross led to burial in a cave and it is from the cave the mythical man rose in an even less well documented story. So, and here’s the big one, shouldn’t the ministry be called “the Promise of The Cave”?


The cross never promised or gave anything more than a slow death and though the reason for it are highly contentious never promised any thing but a slow death. Ever the story book hero asks why it has to happen and if the torturous death is required. Why the fuck would anyone be celebrating this poor guys slow death when the celebration in the story should be maybe one of the three accounts of what happened at the cave the book offers?
I know, it’s a blood cult religion, this is made clear from the story of Cain and Abel in their precious novel. I get it they love the blood, but, if you want your message to be one of good will and peace at Easter, wouldn’t the Cave make more sense?

Christians really are stupid people.

May Your Gods Remain Fictional,

The Antitheocrat.


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