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Very quickly. If you don’t know of it a storm has arisen over someone saying he didn’t want a career woman as a wife, he wanted to support a partner to care for him at home and mother his children. Expressing this preference has caused idiots to blow their minds and I’m here to say…

#TimDidNoWrong As an at home father I agree with Tim. My job is to have the house livable, bills paid, food in the fridge and the kids raised. My role is not to work so we can pay a maid and a nanny to take that load off my partners, and not be there to support emotionally.

Traditional roles are not evil. Wanting a partner at home you can support in exchange for them caring about your welfare is not evil. If you want to switch roles, go for it, he’ll be discriminated against, but it’s not impossible. 

So facebook has made reaction counts private. They make a fair point, some people do only react to the like count. I don’t do those sort of posts, posts aimed at people that low end of the IQ scale, nor do I watch them. Still I worry that facebook believes so many of it’s users are low IQ that it needs to police their reactions, not sure what it says or if it’s about us or about facebook.
Now we know facebooks lie (my bet) covering the fact they probably don’t want people knowing certain sorts of posting are popular, what does it mean for us.
Well, it means none of us know if the people we’re following are getting any viewership firstly. It doesn’t tell you if your position is popular, which can stop a feedback loop but can also stop you questioning your position. It doesn’t let you know what the political social trend is, handy in a US pre-election period, and, it may mean people feel less inclined to tag a rapid response and effect any possible algorithms that could be keeping you out of people’s feeds.
Thank you facebook, you fucked shit up even more.

Next time you listen to some twit like little Greta, keep your ear to the ground for terms like ‘Climate Justice’. She does use it and it is becoming very common in ‘climate activist’ circles.

The reason I note this is because is the feminist idea that women and minorities suffer climate change more than men. It’s more than that though, as stupid as that is it goes deeper. Firstly it allows you to call everyone who disagrees racist and sexist and shut down discussion. Secondly it offers an actual voiced solution… socialism.

The idea is that if you keep sneaking it in to the narrative it can one day become the narrative. It’s about changing the environmental cause (right or wrong) into a political score card for the socialist movement.

I doubt many people understand that a 16 year old girl just proposed this was an important part of the ‘climate’ discussion. That feminist theories and socialism be made part of the discussion, a discussion which should be scientific and less reactionary (and not revolutionary).


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According to the UK Labour Party powerful women with their quotas, special funding, job opportunities and education offerings, lose their power with menopause.

The party is going to, as a policy offering, give extra special treatment to women as their super power dries up.



I just got a 24 hour ban on facebook for saying there were no conservative black people, well no real ones, real in the same way feminists choose which women are real women. It was that or suggesting I got this information from a white guy from the hands and nose, dressed in black who may have played rugby for New Zealand. I’m not sure which, or who got upset about it 😀nohumourhere

Part of a reply to something else I wanted to put up here for consideration”. It’s rough in the writing but if I can live with it so can you 

“I don’t know any seriously “alt-right” people as politicians and media like to smear them (us, I get it too), I know people who are right wing but as with my being left wing we are all moderates, and as moderates we still manage to have differences on this particular topic and others, sometimes it’s just degrees. Something people tend to forget is that we all want to do what’s best, few people are out for themselves in my experience, we want to improve the world around us, it’s only our perspectives on how to get there that differ. Doctrines are the great divider that we atheists used have sayings about, what was it, “it takes religion to make a good man do bad things”. Well, turns out any ideology will do it, it you have a religious conviction to it”.

This was posted as evidence that the straight pride march is radical right. I almost died laughing reading this shit, so much free from evidence association but the first cited link “Happy Fun America” had me literally doubled up 😀

I did a breakdown for the person who posted it to me, here it is.

“Sorry, I almost died laughing. Okay this will take time but I’m going to break this one down.

“Super Happy Fun America” that’s the first cited example of their right wing connections. That was fucking funny. Seriously the article on the most unbiased news outlet you could find ( 😀 ) accused a plenty and the first cited group was that. I almost died. I know they’re trolling you, don’t you get an sense of that? Anyway the next citation is “Resist Marxism” and against here is an accusation of “connection” but no evidence of such. Fuck, I’m anti Marxist if you’re talking of using his writings to create socialist states, he just wasn’t that smart and his idea collapse when individualism come in to play, and it always will. It sounds nice on paper but in practice no pure socio-economic system works and having lived in China I can tell you democratic capitalism with unionism did us more good than good than communism did 1.5billion Chinese over the same period of time. And no, unionism is not socialist nor are social protections, socialists love to claim them but you wont find unions in socialist states, those are an achievement of our system and the social freedoms it allows us. Moving on we do have one more smear, and it is little more than a smear, someone organised the “right-wing Free Speech Rally and Rally for the Republic”. What the fuck is right wing about free speech, as a left leaning atheist all my life and defending and discussing my atheism for 40 of those years the entire battle was for our freedom to speak and the end of blasphemy laws, laws that defend against people getting a little upset at having their doctrines questioned. Free speech is and was ours, we lost it to the right because of idiots on the radical fringe, and worst of all you all seem to accept it, you ever demand free speech is right wing hate. You’re all clowns honking your way through la la land. Shit the arguments and methods you use are word for word the ones I was debating 10 years and more ago with theists. You are the peal clutching right wing old ladies demanding people stop having sex you don’t approve of. As a left leaning atheist I do not accept free speech is right wing, I only accept they certainly have reason to think you’re attaching it and it will harm us all. I lived in the years where it was best to remain silent and not discuss your atheism, I do not need atheists returning us to that point in time. Next. “Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys”, I know the shit people say about these groups but in reality, and having known people in these groups personally though my wide ranging social circle, know them to be poorly directed nationalist groups, and we’re not talking nazi here, we’re talking “they see you attacking the nation and they think it worth saving”. See there is something I learned in my years about people, most of them are good and mean well, being right wing does not automatically mean you want to commit evil acts, it means you see things from a different perspective, and you’re not always wrong. Things like self determination are important and social services do diminish the need for self determination, now from the left I think we can’t just force everyone to succeed, some people will fail. Thing is I don’t know anyone on the the right who 100% believes in doing away with some protections. This nationalism is not the sort you want it to be, it is just a response to your self hate, your wanting to rewrite history to take out the victors and creators, your want to destroy everything and remake it in your image, that is how they see you, it’s how I see you, you’re not the left I’ve always know and loved. I have to tell you this shit is tedious, did you really think this through because all it tells me is you’re listening to radicals. So he participated in a counter march to the “Women’s March”, big deal, I also think feminists are full of shit and having seen events discussing men’s issues – and I don’t know if you’ve heard this “feminism is for men too” – shut down, alarms pulled and any method of trying to wash out discussion with noise enacted if you think I believe that statement of give a flying fuck about what feminist think, you have something else coming. Before you go nuts at me for saying so, you’d best do your homework on what men’s issues are and how feminists have helped of hindered “equality”, because I do not have any feminist women in my life, most are anti feminist, a few are non feminist because feminism hates more women than it speaks for. I have followed some of the counter protests in Australia and I can tell you with certainty, they were not exactly nazi brown shirt events, they seem more interested in starting conversations, brown shirting is more the ANTIFA line of action. At this point I see no connection to overtly white supremacist groups. There are a few of those out there, we know who they are and they call themselves the Alt-right without vague associations written in publications like the Independent. Actually if you were to ask me I’d say the far left and alt-right are almost on the same page, they both call for racial distinctive groups and representation. It has always been a problem fro me that we suddenly forgot a man named King who wanted there to be one people, and suddenly we needed black humanists and gay humanists, all who wanted to cite that man as their hero. Poor bloke is rolling in his grave. There are actual articles calling for white people to sit at the back of buses from the radical left and that believe it or not is how the alt-right see things, it’s a laugh, you’re all insane.

Now I know that was a lot to read and like the article you may not read it and give it consideration, but I enjoyed it, I haven’t bothered breaking down a hit piece in a while now. Doing so I always wonder why you’re not all just on the religious right, you may as well follow that doctrine s this one.

You may now call me names, that’s how these discussions normally go :D”

I’ll be laughing for a while now, if you walk over a grassy knoll and hear it chuckling, it’s me 6 foot down.

May your gods remain fictional

The Antitheocrat.