Selling out.

Posted: December 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone. I am finding my time spread thin these days as I have to be seen dedicating more time to my family and business. Paying the bills for a radio station and spending valuable time on producing media for my show/blog/facebook… is getting harder to justify. For this reason I have created a Patreon account ( If I can cover the cost of supporting a radio station I will better be able to justify time on creating. I have spelled out in vague terms what any support could achieve but I would like it known that for my own purposes, breaking even is all I need to justify spending my time creating. I am an at home parent, making money is not my primary cause. I have long been a community volunteer and I would love to better support my community activity, far more than needing personal income. Breaking even would allow me to expand myself to that Youtube presence I started but haven’t been able to find time building on.

I am still here. I m still creating. I have not stopped my activism or being atheist. I am not finding quite enough time to get things finished or edited but I hope this coming year to get myself organised and if I can support my activity financially I will be off and running..

Having sold out and tried to justify it…

On with the show. I will be producing a second series of the Cobar Atheists Radio show as soon as the holidays finish and my family go back to not hanging about the house. Quiet recording time was hard enough without the entire family home .

Have a good one and see you all in 2017.

The Antitheocrat.

  1. Gavan at your service says:

    Hmmm, with 5 views on your 5 YouTube videos since last year, there isn’t much to build on ormuch point to, equally being adamantly atheist is as bad as most Christians or Muslims, you are stating for certain (in your Australian opinion) that there is definitely no god , you say you dont like preachers but you preach yourself. You say you “lost me” whilst watching my video from 2010, when in fact a mirror might help you find yourself. Instead of concentrating on others “failings” look at your own, try to seem less contradictory, your anger is not just directed at issues, its inward anger too , you blame others for your own issues with your self in this-our society…… I have one word for you to expand your petit some research and then in a few months get back to me and we talk theism, atheism, agnosticism, gender in 2017 and personality issues of fellow earthlings….. otherwise good luck with your family, hopefully they dont believe daddy opinions too much …..get out of your binary brain too, might help the world black vs white pink vs blue right vs wrong, its written all over your face” get back to basics, learn about realities” again, might need that mirror! Ciao for now! I like helping pp. Like you, your yt comment was your first call for help, nō worries, I’m here for you to help you see sense, not to just try and talk it! 😀


    • Thanks for the reply. Lets see if I can work this out.

      Yes I am not overly active on youtube, Worse than on my blog. I spend most of my time on facebook still and have a radio show. They doesn’t do much for my youtube content, I’m hoping to transition my radio show but the two formats have copyright differences. I know I’m not a big name on the world stage, but I do mt part. Thanks for taking the time to look me up.

      I’m not sure how you get to thinking an “adamant atheist” is as bad as a theist, atheism is a denial of a purely philosophical position, in my case based on knowledge of the argument (and not specifically Australian). I am adamant in my denial because there is no evidence or reason for me to give belief in the supernatural consideration. I am still open to evidence, I value evidence. I am less open to hearing a new version of the same old and warn out arguments. I know my atheism to be the only sane and rational position for someone who is aware of the many god propositions and the nature of their philosophical failure. To give any level of belief/consideration of existence to a god at this point would be irrational and intellectually dishonest, and technically would make me a theist. Being adamant about my atheism is not very much like theism, belief in supernatural entity, which due to it ‘s being based on belief regardless of and in the face of evidence, is entirely irrational.

      I have no idea on what i commented, but, “I have one word for you”. What? What the fuck is “petit brain-intersex”. If you hadn’t already lost me you did there. I would normally say such a thing when you came to a point at which you’d delved into the realms of the brain dead or maybe just pissed in your own pocket. I think you just did one of those two things, it may be for former not the latter.

      The rest of that was just a worthless attempt at insult. You really need to work on that. I can only guess why I didn’t find your content to be of value, but this nonsense, this would be a pretty sound indicator of why. You can’t even form a proper insult. Please be informed that I don’t need help stringing an insult together, not from you, not any time soon.


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