Atheism from the perspective of a life long atheist.

I don’t have the anger or disappointment that lays behind the words and arguments of former theists. I also had very little in depth knowledge of doctrine before religion came bothering me and my family. I had the mad aunt who mad us go to church and had in younger days and the many people insisting quite crudely that I will burn for eternity. Considered the proposition of god was something I did, it is not easy to avoid people who believe and need you to believe, but nothing about religion seemed important in my life and in the long run not worth consideration. I never once believed or saw the need.

So what is atheism? Atheism is quite simply a lack of belief in gods, any gods.

Hug an atheist and feel the love :)

Hug an atheist and feel the love 🙂

The only thing missing from the definition of atheist, and a big part of the reason for there being atheists in the first place, is a definition of god. It is a fact that in trying to define god the many religious doctrines of man become contradictory, demand of authority, they guess at things they cant hope to know and are scientifically and historically inaccurate. For someone like me it is hard to understand why anyone would ever believe.

To clarify my position before starting, I do not regard religion, church or the doctrines to be the only measure of god. Mind you, to clarify the importance of doctrine in defining religion, if you believe in a god or more a jesus, that is in any way like the biblical, and claim not to be christian or religious, you are an idiot. I personally hold the position that ALL spiritual, psychic and untestable woo claims that define themselves as supernatural or outside our natural world (another way of saying supernatural) are by nature god claims. As any claim of jesus is christian, any claim of supernatural is godlike. As our theist counterparts can not define god, I take it upon myself to do so and equally, I do not accept redefining of existing terms. Of the 3000-6000 gods know to man most were not creator gods (though several were, it was a busy time), the one defining quality of god is being supernatural.

Returning to my initial point, atheism is a lack of belief, in fact more a denial of proposition, of god. God being anything or any claim of a supernatural nature.

Ask, really, ask. There are not many questions I wont answer to the best of my ability or openly admit I don't know the answer.

Ask, really, ask. There are not many questions I wont answer to the best of my ability or openly admit I don’t know the answer.

Without clarification on the term god atheism is often claimed by people who are far from atheist. Buddhists often claim atheism (until it comes time to get tax breaks, then they are a religion) insisting enlightenment is not the same as god, yet, the stories within buddhist doctrine insist buddha is higher that the heavens, in effects a super-god. Some jewish people claim atheism but like a christian who denies he is religious, you have to pick and choose your doctrine carefully to redefine your religion that way. These people are not atheist, their beliefs still center on a raft of supernatural claims and stories. What value does any religion have if it doesn’t have a god? To clearly define atheism all supernatural claims must be pooled together as god.

I have been atheist by this definition all my life.

As a child my parents went through the Santa game with me (as I have with mine in turn, it proved to be a great tool for teaching critical thinking) but I as all kids must, always wondered at the chimney story. I believed in Santa, what option was there, I was a child and my parents were my authority figures (the same as religious indoctrination, but, less harmful), I did however think of Santa as a real living person (elves and workshops were a great story). I got chills from the shadows in my room as all kids (and some adults) do but on coming fully awake I don’t ever recall believing there were actually monsters or ghosts. I had a long running dream of my younger brother falling from Ayers Rock in central Australia. Though the dream was vivid and scared me I never remember thinking it prophetic.

I never remember thinking people who bent spoons and did tricks I didn’t understand were in fact supernatural, it was just tricks, magic, illusion. Not believing in the mystical or magical never took the joy from things in life, if anything it added to my love of it. Knowing people could be so clever and trick me, knowing if I studied I could learn to do it too. Knowing there were explanations to be found and things still to be learned. Today I still have things that excite me like this, I love rocket science and love history. I still know I could learn these things and do the work but given my life’s finite nature it is enough to know other people understand it and I in turn do things they don’t. If I live to be 300 I will try it all but now I have other things to do and learn.

As an adult I ran a cinema in a building more than 100 years old. I had many people tell me the story of how a woman may have died there and still to this day haunted the building (I know of no evidence for the death story) The cinema room proper is a converted dance hall with the cinema seating built over the original dance floors. It is a quite beautiful building for it’s location in central Australia and its history as a dance hall is clearly defined in the building for anyone looking. Fact is and I will credit this point, the room is quite creepy, something that set my fact seeking mind running. When you walk in to the dark hall the shadows dance, odd reflections on the darkened room that give the sensation of movement. Not believing in the supernatural and having time in the building to search for the reason I did just that. The original windows were boarded up but never completely sealed, the brickwork also leaks some light due to the mortar turning to sand over 100 years. Originally a dance hall it was not constructed to be light proof. The building leaks light, nothing more, still people tell stories of seeing ghostly images but I will never understand jumping to the conclusion anything is ghostly. Because I saw something I looked for the cause and each and every one of the shadowy regions led to at least one sometimes pinhole sized light leak, sometimes more. Knowing full well what the effect was caused by, I still occasionally thought as I walking into the room that someone was there before me and felt the tingle up my spine. These evolutionary responses to things in my environment are not evidence of ghosts and yes, I love it. It’s amazing that a very natural effect on a darkened space and with full understanding of it, I could still get that tingle. Even as a fully reasoning human I am still the culmination of millions of years of evolution, beautiful.

That guy who said,

That guy who said, “are you sure?”.

I am also a great fan of fiction, escapism is a great form of relaxation and sometimes clever writing tests or minds and expands our thinking. Nothing is more satisfying than loosing yourself in a fiction story, visualizing the characters and events as you read them. I appreciate not only the story but the writing skill and find great pleasure in it. This is one if my life’s little pleasures but at the end I never believe in fairies because someone wrote about fairies.

My other pleasures (of which I have many) include landscape and wildlife photography. I am no less in awe of the life and function of a lizard in nature than I am knowing the sun is a ball of burning gas and not a god. Knowing the truth of something is something I can not imagine swapping for a guess such as “because god did it”. I want to know the blood flowing in the lizard keeps it alive as mine keeps me alive and the air I breath is the same air it breaths. I find no shortage of joy or wonder in these things. Even the fact life ends and everything breaks down to become something else’s nutrient is beautiful.

The idea that atheist have no joy is simply a way to justify belief and enhance hate. This idea and the other ridiculous and abusive claims made against atheists will be my next blog. At this time it is enough to know that I am a life long atheist and that my atheism has always extended to all supernatural claims.

I hope I have explained my basic position well enough but I may return to this another day as my life long atheism and never having been a theist is the thing that has driven my writing. I have no issue with ex-theists or their expression, I simply want to address the fact that knowing a religion from the inside is not the only way to be atheist. Addressing religion and the nature of belief I did early in life, addressing specific doctrine came much later and is the least important part of my being atheist.

Until next time I write stay well and enjoy life. I am open to questions (but not preaching, had that shit all my life) so feel free if you have any.

May your gods remain fictional.

The Antitheocrat.


Selling out.

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Hi everyone. I am finding my time spread thin these days as I have to be seen dedicating more time to my family and business. Paying the bills for a radio station and spending valuable time on producing media for my show/blog/facebook… is getting harder to justify. For this reason I have created a Patreon account ( If I can cover the cost of supporting a radio station I will better be able to justify time on creating. I have spelled out in vague terms what any support could achieve but I would like it known that for my own purposes, breaking even is all I need to justify spending my time creating. I am an at home parent, making money is not my primary cause. I have long been a community volunteer and I would love to better support my community activity, far more than needing personal income. Breaking even would allow me to expand myself to that Youtube presence I started but haven’t been able to find time building on.

I am still here. I m still creating. I have not stopped my activism or being atheist. I am not finding quite enough time to get things finished or edited but I hope this coming year to get myself organised and if I can support my activity financially I will be off and running..

Having sold out and tried to justify it…

On with the show. I will be producing a second series of the Cobar Atheists Radio show as soon as the holidays finish and my family go back to not hanging about the house. Quiet recording time was hard enough without the entire family home .

Have a good one and see you all in 2017.

The Antitheocrat.

My Life In Point Form.

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I often use events in my own life to build on in my writing, it a natural thing to do and if we think about it EVERY one of us writes based in the lessons learned in our own lives. Some of us it may be our education or qualifications and some like myself, on our extensive life and employment experiences.

I understand this use of our personal experience in my writing doesn’t automatically give strength to an argument or take anything from it, not in the way my education and qualifications do to related subject matter. Personal experience only adds a level of connectivity or insight in to my personal perspective I hold on any topic being tabled (unless the topic is actually your personal life, memory is a fickle thing and you have to accept sometimes others will have a different view or memories of events in your life). I often get people trying to ignore or avoid argument by pointing out that my reference to personal experience are not relevant. Well yes they are, they just don’t on their own prove my point and knowing this, I NEVER use my own experiences as evidence of ANY point I am making on their own merit.

Okay so I know anecdotes are not sound evidence but if you can’t write about your own experiences in reference to your writing you’re left using second hand experiences or dry boring facts. In this day and age second hand information through media outlets doesn’t mean factual and I’m always left fact checking and cross referencing press releases or look for the peer reviews on scientific paper, I have learned to trust very little from second hand sources and nothing from editors who specialise in  creating “click bait” titles. I can depend more on my experiences and learning and for some reason I have a pretty good memory for that sort of useless information.

The other problem with my life experiences is that many people have never done or seen as much as I have. I don’t so much have  life plan as a way of taking in to account events in my life and working with them and this has driven me from high point to high point (I don’t let low points slow me long, I’ve done suicidal, it’s boring, getting up is more exciting). I often have to remind myself that my on-line conversations can often be held with middle class people who have never moved outside their safety zone, barely moved more than 6 suburbs (the average in Australia was 6 blocks some years back) from their parents home, never experienced poverty, never had to obtain a range of qualifications, never taken the risk of working through a wide range of careers and never obtained a wide range of skills and experiences. Because I have and will do still more, I find sometimes that people don’t believe I may have as much experience as I claim. For that reason I am making this list and explaining why.

I decided to do this list less for you and more for me anyway. Even I get the the time line messed up or forget things and later wish it had come to mind while writing. If at some point you feel mildly interested in who the Antitheocrat is, maybe this will help you to understand my life experiences and give you an idea who I am. Just maybe it will let you understand how open how open I am about my life and how little I am willing to or need to lie about my life. I do have some embarrassing stories like teenage romance stories I am not so willing to share (even I have an embarrassment level but I am honest when I do find myself discussing them).. I simple have nothing to hide with this one short life my life is an insignificant part of all human endeavour and I care very little about who knows it. The memory of me may last 100 years and only if the internet lasts more than 100 years will my voice last but only as on amongst the billions of cat videos.

So, this is me.

Before me, my background.

  • Father from Australia and a country boy, raised catholic, born to atheist father and convent raised orphan mother.
  • Mother from northern Holland immigrated to Australia at age 9 and a city girl, raised Dutch protestant.
  • Both parent culturally religious.
  • Parents not allowed to marry in catho church.
  • Father received reply-paid envelopes with letter detailing his wages and tithe to be sent in because he was not attending church.
  • Father and mother renounced all ties to religion.
  • Parents married to dismay of families (Dutch immigrant prodo and Australian catho, terrible stuff). They remain married.

Early Years.

  • Born 2 years after parents married in Melbourne Australia.
  • No religion at home, was always allowed to explore religion on my own.
  • Kindergarten, Primary School uneventful.
  • Primary school took Religious Instruction.
  • Tried Sunday School. Parents dedication to my exploration meant my prodo mother had to sit through 3 hour catho sermons as part of the deal. Finger paint and big boats full of animals didn’t take.
  • Played recorder and piano in primary. Knew I want to play saxophone at age of 5.
  • Got into High School with music speciality and started saxophone.

Early years of travel and moving.

  • Father built motor home on an old truck (twice).
  • Family travelled all of mainland Australia by time I was 15.
  • Lived in Sydney at 10 for a few months due to fathers work.
  • 4 Months in Europe to visit mothers birth place and tour Europe.
  • Turned 12 in Scotland.
  • Singapore to list at age 15.
  • Family moved to Darwin to live at age 13.

Moving and the effect of moving.

  • Took up saxophone at a top music high school in Melbourne.
  • Moving to Darwin meant music was not as available but at one school teachers giving me freedom to use the music rooms and instrument store room. Discovered I could learn any instrument in 2 weeks to a level high enough to play basics in a band.
  • Played Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone in 7 bands covering Classical, Military (including the marching), Pub Rock, Show Tunes and Jazz before moving away from Darwin.
  • Following music programs eventually took me to 4 high schools.
  • Was in top maths class in Melbourne having worked up to it. Moved to Darwin was placed in bottom with 2+2=5’ers based on primary school report cards.
  • Reached year 10 having missed algebra, taught myself algebra from a maths book given to me by my teacher for the purpose during year 11.
  • Needed catch up year for science and maths to enter Physics. Did year 11 at lower level and repeated to take Physics.
  • Ended 2 years of Year 11 with 12 passes from a total of 14 subjects. Math I & II, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Modern European History, and a load of other subjects. Got bored with Economics after topping the class most of the year and got a C- in Physics with a teacher who took everything below C as a fail and reported it as an E on the report card.
  • Senior St John Ambulance cadet for 5 years. Served as Ambulance support at events, was on the first aid competition team, was drill Sargent for the competition drill (marching) squad and was first aid trainer for junior cadets.
  • Was well versed in sex and alcohol consumption from 15.
  • Participated in illegal drag racing with mates from age 16.
  • Physics grade not as hoped for at the end of year 11 so dropped out unable to see university in future at my wanted levels (Electronic Engineering or Architecture)  and didn’t like school life enough to consider continuing a best option..
  • Of 2 Apprenticeship offers took the trade of Industrial Instrument Fitter over Chef as engineering is still part of my ideal world even if I do in fact enjoy cooking.

Life at 15. An important year..

  • Father died 2 times on way to hospital after being run down on his motorcycle on way home from work. We arrived at hospital one hour before ambulance because they couldn’t work out how to pick him up of the road with his fractured pelvis.
  • Dad spent 3 months critical care in hospital (up to 14 drops of morphine a minute), told he would never walk again. Intensive care for an additional period.
  • During hospital family shifted from lower middle class to poor. Father was shift worker at level 3 in public service with an income based on shift allowances. Compensation paid only 75% of base without shift allowances.
  • Brother and self ate Vegemite sandwiches in nurses smoko room to make up for limited meals at home and school. Family friends supplied evening meals 2 – 3 times a week to allow us to be at hospital 7 days a week and to assist our difficult financial position.
  • Father had 3 insurance options. “Options” because government legislation only allowed one claim even if you had paid 3. The choice was made based on medical cover not family income.
  • Mother got to know other people with insurance issues and started a victims group. Most notable was her fight to change death benefits. At the time women were worth $6,000 in event of death regardless of earning or position in family and a man $42,000 regardless. My mother fought this in the media and in government offices and eventually the government took an opportunity to save face by paying out the member of mums group (also a party member of theirs) effected by this with back payment to the new level of $46,000 for both genders.
  • Mum also went back to work after 15 years as a housewife.

Early working life.

  • Retrenched from apprenticeship after first year.
  • Educational part of our training was in Western Australia, convinced N.T. government they owed me the training if they couldn’t find me employment (as was their roll in the agreement) so they paid for trip to Perth and back with accommodation for a month.
  • Did training, cashed in return tickets. Combined and with cash from sale of car and airfare travelled to Adelaide and Melbourne seeking work.
  • Arrived in Melbourne with $20 and no plan or income. Stayed in broken down bungalow in a family friends yard.
  • Found apprenticeship as Instrument maker and repaired and finished trade time as an Instrument Technician (Electrical Engineering or Architecture).

Melbourne years.

  • Serious drinking habits formed in Darwin did not work in cooler climates. Began experimentation with drugs at 18.
  • Shared accommodation for years with students and drug addicts where often I was the only person with employment.
  • Social groups included sex workers, Melbourne’s homosexual community and the most often present and mostly stoned but enjoyable company of the bums I lived with.
  • Penned as one of the 7 Prophets the holy scriptures of “FUBARism” the worship of the Great Earthworm FUBAR, Recycle and Giver of Life.
  • A string of girlfriends moved in and out of my life with only one being serious and possibly lasting.
  • Agreed to run parents farm in Queensland and resigned from the perfect job.
  • Last minute changes, parents were not moving from farm and long term girl friend decided not to come with for fear of the big move.
  • Learned no to rely on other people along with “fuck it, I am not going to hold your hand everywhere, if you want to do something get off your own arse”. Lessons I think everyone should learn.Married?
  • Unable to live with my parents well the farm was never going to work well.
  • Dry from drugs (mostly by choice).
  • Met future wife at a nightclub on a chance meeting.
  • Moved to Brisbane and moved in with her.
  • Started our first business in Industrial control.
  • Took business management course.
  • Business lasted the usual one year of new businesses.
  • Moved out of the city to care-take rural properties.
  • Worked fruit picking.
  • Worked in meatworks where trained as a packer, retain trimmer, slicer and boner.
  • Undertook Associate diploma in agriculture but dropped it when I realised after 1.5 years the cost was not worth learning things I already knew with deeper understanding from previous learning, running a business and a farm.
  • Got married after 3 years together.
  • Son born 9 months on.

Shifting about.

  • Moved up and down NSW and Qld chasing work and opportunities.
  • Wife finally got full time work in her trade.
  •  I took up the parenting job full time.
  • Bored and for extra income I took up shitty night jobs and finally started my own business.
  • Funded dance studio.
  •  Started touring the business through Qld, N.T. and W.A.
  • Son started school. Start of active atheism. Wife wrote letters that resulted in school prayer and school creeds (which mentioned god) removed from all Queensland state schools.
  • I did not win the battle to have R.I taken out of the class room before we moved to NSW.


  • Married my second partner.
  • Funded online sale side of business.
  • Second son born a year ago.
  • Started building a mobile office and accommodation in a bus to get the business back on the road.

I have to admit to being a slow poster here and now. I had a good run when I started out because I had 12 months of radio script that needed to be published to the world somewhere. My first half dozen posts, at least, are pure radio script rewritten for a blog but I was on a run and got a little more out of this feeble old brain.


I also do a little photography of local wildlife.

Since starting up I have managed to also get the radio station in question on air. That has taken much of my spare time, even some of my not so spare time and my writing time has been used to actually produce radio content over two hour shows. One of the shows being about my life as an atheist as you may expect (the other is Ska music, feel free to tune in if you’re in the area, 102.9FM). (Edit: also now have a Rave Music show :p).

I am also an at home parent (the rare kind, a father) and if any of you have been left with a child under 5 years of age you will know how demanding of your time they are. Life seems to be a problem getting in the way of my writing time but well my kids are almost worth it 🙂


…and local environment. Which may be a dry one.

I have a problem with boredom as an at home parent so 15 or so years back while caring for my first kid I also started a small business. I ventured out into the entertainment world and though I am an out of practice musician it was a long way from my trade in industrial engineering. I started out entertaining kids at birthday parties as a clown and balloon artist and have expanded to many other fields including stilt puppetry and circus workshops performing at much larger events. My writing time has over the years has been taken up through this avenue having written a pantomime and have three more in draft and including performance notes for a roving entertainment variation for event performance.

I think finally – I mean I could go back in time to writing a newspaper column but I can’t make that relevant now – is fiction novels and song writing. I have a book 80% written and another concept sketched. I also have one song published and 5 more awaiting publication/production. You can never have too much too do, right?


…and architecture. This now out of use aqueduct system spans huge areas of China.

I will put forward here and now that I am also an edit freak which is what slows much of my work. When I write I pen everything in my head and that means going back and taking out everything surplice to requirement. I actually have some 12 posts in draft but I want to check them and that always, without fail, leads to editing.

So who cares?

Probably nobody but I thought I should explain why my content can be slow coming. Maybe someone some day will want to know why I don’t publish more work. I’m not being paid for this (or much of anything, also outfitting a bus as a motor-home and office for our business, earning is on hold while I do that 🙂 ) so I do what I can when I can. Maybe I need some profit motive :p

If you like what I do feel free to let me know. Maybe I can be encouraged to do more 😀

These words “because I don’t want to think about it” will stay with me for a long time. An acquaintance of mine spoke them to me in regard to her deciding to become christian and they were I think the end of a potential friendship. Not on their own, but they were the key reason for the rest of the conversation which included all of the usual tag lines.

I should explain that this person is Chinese and moved to Australia less than 2 years ago. Something that concerns me about the Chinese is how susceptible to religion they are because of communism and culture. This person was not an educated atheist or philosophy veteran crossing over to religion. This person was a clean slate and religion is winning over my counter perspective and reasoning (it’s local, I’m not, I have the distance disadvantage).

I will have to explain the Chinese before going on to explain the “clean slate”.

The Chinese learn of religion in school as somewhat of a joke on western society. It is, I can’t deny it but this learning is not a true comparative religion course or philosophy course which would serve better to instil the communist doctrine of antitheism. They are simply taught it exists. What they learn gives them no tools with which to refute or fend off the deceptions used by religion to talk hold of and control people.

This goes one step further because the Chinese have not actually done away with religion. Maybe Mao didn’t understand how much buddhism and ancestor worship were a part of his own life being raised buddhist. Maybe he did and like all the wisest and worst political leaders used religion to his benefit. The fact remains that religion is a part of Chinese society. Chinese pseudo medicine is rife through China with hospitals even having traditional medicine wings. Ancestor worship and fending off spirits is considered “culture” with shops letting of crackers before opening for the day to fend off evil. New years celebrations for one also include crackers and other ancestor worship activities. The Chinese are religious and practice religion in more ways than they know, they simply see it as culture, not unlike cultural Christians in the west.

When western religion goes to China with its well practised deceptions the Chinese are unready for it, they consider it without the Firewall we in the west have. We in the west all have a firewall against religion. The religious have a firewall against other religions and we atheists have a firewall against all religion. We grow up with the tools to defend against religion because we see it or are taught it all our lives. This is simply not a part of Chinese culture. Worse Chinese culture is all about respect for the past and your elders. Religion plays on this respect in their culture and it allows christianity to do the same.

So this Chinese person came to Australia. I guess it put her in more danger.

She is an at home mother in a new country and needed social outlets. She also wanted to improve her English and get out of the house. Not problems for her in China. We all need things to do and in China everything and everywhere is so much more. More everything. We live a quiet life in Australia, very different even without the language and new country barriers. Anyway she found a church near her offered English for new Australians (an easy target group but I have also wondered if its one of the government funded service) so she made use of their services. From there she became socially involved, she went to bible classes, went along to some of their community outreach and from there she has decided to become christian (I’ve seen the process before).

Her reasoning for deciding to become christian really bother me but are common enough and nothing new to me, the same mindless drivel I have heard all my life. “I want there to be a god”. Well sure, couldn’t we all occasionally do with an all loving something, wouldn’t that be sweet? But that is not the christian god, that version of their god is the lie sold to children and the unwary (this person can’t claim to be entirely unwary with me in her other ear). Even so the god she has settled with is the simplistic loving one used to get you in so they can keep you in with hell fire and brimstone. This is actually a problem for our friendship because it is too simplistic and leads to simplistic thinking. People at this level start to think hell is a serious problem and I find nothing in my mind is more insulting than someone thinking you need to burn in hell for not believing in their imaginary friend. Okay this is less about me, I don’t believe in your friend, its really no skin off my nose. The real problem is that with its heaven and hell this religion fucks with your real world relationships. For someone struggling with relationships this isn’t what you want added to your problems. For some reason you will now look at otherwise good people and your family and think they will burn. You will think they need to be saved, you know they need your imaginary friend and you can’t just see them as people who just need you. How is this added concern helping you to love? How is this improving your mindset? You know what, a loving thing would be great but I don’t want it to be the god you’ve chosen. Why would you?

Her next line of “rationality” was “I don’t want to think about it”. This is just fucked up. You did think about it. Someone lied to you that accepting belief wasn’t “thinking”. They gave you a variation of one the most simplistic theological philosophies of all time, pascals wager, and you only gave it the consideration they told you to give it. “Isn’t it better to believe than not?” Well no, god comes with consequences, not believing doesn’t. This wager begs additional questions you chose not to consider, you though but you stopped short. What god is the right god? What proof did they give you and did you consider the proof of other gods? If you really didn’t want to think about gods, why didn’t you remain atheist? We think about gods far less than religious folk (even when we blog about theism). I don’t fear hell or any other shit attached to gods because “I” really don’t think about them. What you have actually decided is to think about god and stop considering really an option.

This was the beginning of the end of a potential friendship. I can’t take blatant stupidity from people in my life. It will take some effort to continue this friendship beyond this point (and I can’t say I didn’t see it coming).

The tag lines that confirmed my suspicions about the state of this persons mind were “I had a personal experience”, “bless you” and “meeting you and having you as a friend is a blessing”. The last one of which shit me up the wall. I don’t give a fuck about your “experience”, it doesn’t rate as evidence and nor should you (and its worse when you express it with a confirmation bias). Blessing me is just you hoping your imaginary friend will act on my part and its a fucking lazy way to express friendship. If you want me to do well and consider yourself a friend, you be a friend, don’t put your imaginary friend in charge of making my life better. But, worst of all, is telling me I am a blessing.

I didn’t become a friend because of your fucking imaginary friend (and in this case she didn’t have one when we met). Why did your friend wait so long for us to meet? What part did our own actions take in our meeting? What actions of mine made events in our lives possible? Why when I had been doing the same thing for 10 years or more had it taken so long for your god to get to the point of our meeting? Why did we meet before you decided to be christard? I am not a blessing to anyone. I am not god given, there are no gods. Give me what is mine. If I acted in a way that created the potential of our meeting, I did that not your imaginary friend. I am the person who didn’t judge, listened, offered advise and didn’t get involved when you discussed your personal relationships. This is what I learned in almost 50 years of life, it was not dropped on me by a god. Stop trying to attribute anything about me to your imagination. I am the result of events in my life and choices I made.

For me personally, I lost respect for someone this week. I also think I lost a potential friend and think religion gained another idiot. It never fun learning people are not as bright as you think they are.

Beyond my week and events of the week, what really concerns me in all of this is that this is how I see religion spreading through China. My mother in-law, an old woman from a rice farming village, believes in jesus (I don’t think she really knows what a jesus is) because someone has sold her on hedging her bets. Yes pascals wager. The Chinese are susceptible and evangelists know it and exploit it. During my time living in China I saw women handing out pamphlets on streets and even bothering passengers on busses. Pamphlets straight out of the jehovah’s witness handbook. The most simplistic nonsense but nonsense the Chinese have little defended against. I find this to be a very sad even without the personal connection. It’s sad we human are not better than this.

I will end this rant here. I am a little upset at how little power we have against the might of religion. I can’t even save the people I like when the church has more of their time and is in their ear more often. I can’t even offer the services or social connections that religion does. All I can do as a counter measure is promote secular organisations (and will now, today, record the promotions for our community radio station) who always need new people and support to continue their services. Walking clubs, sport clubs, arts groups, community bands, community radio stations are some what we have, our only alternative to church (there may be more options in your area). What we atheists and secularists don’t have is that one overriding factor – god – that keeps people involved in these community activities. Without god community organisations need people. I am going to leave this rant for you to think on and ask only that all atheists to join at least one community group (with my business I joined our radio station 3 times 😉 ). If we are to give people an option to religion…

May your gods remain fictional.

The Antitheocrat.

So I finally took the plunge into radio. After 5 years battling to get our local community radio station to air I finally did it. With moral support and a bombed out caravan from another station I got the computers up and the transmitter firing, powering out a fully licenced and legal radio broadcast. After 5 years I had no interest left in programming a show, all I had left was the hope that people would get involved now we had things running. After 5 years it seems I am still one of a small few who can be convinced to do a show, so…

I have recorded a 4 hour a week (2×2 hour with a repeat) show about and playing ska music, my music, sod the listeners if we have any. Another guy has a 2 hour 5 days a week trying to suck up to all the local musicians who can’t be bothered doing their own shows. In a week we have less than half a days programming, the rest of a 24 hour a day 7 day week is fill, so…

COBAR ATHEISTS is going to air to fill 4 hours of Sunday (2×2 hours on repeat). Fame and fortune will soon be mine on the 100% volunteer small town radio station. Well notoriety will be mine anyway (as if it wasn’t already the case).

So my atheism as I live it is now a media presence with the problem of what do I say for 2 hours a week. I’m not a preacher, I can’t bullshit about imaginary friends for 2 hours. I can’t talk about the nonexistent doctrines of atheism. I don’t want to play 2 hours of religious and atheistic music and break it down. I have enough trouble getting blog posts finished (there are almost as many awaiting editing as are posted).


It’s a week since I started this post an I go to air today.

Turns out 2 hours was easy to fill. Just telling theists that I don’t feal hate towards them personally, that I feel sorry for them trapped as they are killed 10 minutes. Just throw in a couple of songs and talk about their content and wonder where the time went (yes, unlike other caster, I am not only a copyright licence payer, as a licenced music writer I also have a copyright of my own. I can play music the trick will be not playing and sending royalties to christian rocker sorts, fuck them).

At present all of our shows here are pre recorded due to changes in licencing and waiting for beaurocratic pen strokes. Our broadcast computer has to be automated and sitting up with our transmitter and we have no link between studio and the transmission point 10km away. This does have advantages. My show is set for Sundays at 10am and for a repeat performance at 6pm. Not having to record a live show saves some bother and doing it this way it can’t go wrong (unless its seriously wrong, only electrical burn out would stop everything restarting the way I have it set up). The second advantage is I get to air the first show for 2 weeks and repeat it again in 7 weeks time. Being a volunteer effort I don’t want to be always tied to a recording studio (even my own one in my own home).

For Internet users this has another advantage. One day I may put it on The Antitheocrat YouTube channel so you can all hear the shit I talk 🙂

Until such time, if you are in Cobar on a Sunday and want to know how to piss people off, listen to the show. The station is currently first in first served and as long as its legal and language warnings are in place – the station has one in general rotation but I have one on my shows too 🙂  not about to vet out the word fuck from songs and content for people unless it’s the kiddy hour, should we get one – my time slots are fixed and secure until I give them up. 10am and again at 6pm Sundays for 2 hours of atheist ramblings.

This is the Antitheocrat saying roger over and out 😀

May your gods remain fictional.

The Antitheocrat.

This argument is simply that without an imaginary friend I can’t know right from wrong, good from bad or terrific from terrible (maybe even if I had a dictionary at hand). That without an imaginary friend I should murder, rape and be generally unpleasant, always.

There two major variations on this and as this article is only a short statement I will try to use only two. Just so we know the score, I will argue the case of the christian imaginary friend because of its prominence in my society, but note, a similar line of arguement can be used for all beliefs.

The first angle on this argument assumes your imaginary friend is 1) real, and 2) that your special friend has good rules that anyone can follow and be good by. Part 1), your god is not real. Thank you for your patience with that part of this argument. I hope it wasn’t too wordy for you to come to terms with its meaning. Lets move on. Part 2), what is it the christian gods representative book says about being good? With over 300 dictates from this god listed in the book its hard to go through them all in a short statement and lets face it christians don’t know them or obey them anyway. I will focus on the top 10 “commandments” as thy are called because christians at least claim to follow those dictates. In the top 10 there is a lot of praising, almost half of them, I don’t see how that instructs us on our lives and is surely a little egotistical for a supreme being. I also see plenty of christians praising the god of capitalism (wealth) and communism (state). We have don’t covert, murder or consider another god (I thought there was only meant to be one) directed specifically at our behaviour not a bad start if we ditch the praising but in being so rigid it some of these very few rules becomes dangerous in themselves. The big question however is, what happened to some of the basics. Don’t rape because its a fucking shitty thing to do, all people are equal because god doesn’t have favorite’s, be good to the environment its the only one your getting and didn’t you read the opening chapter where it says I “liked it” or even something as simple as don’t be an arsehole. No I’m sorry your imaginary god has not given you a good moral code to live by, even in the top 10, and if you tried to live by the other 300 “commandments” you would be locked away and maybe classified as insane.

The second argument is more personal and in fact quite rude. It assumes that I should be doing quite terrible things, always. This is a concern to many atheists and if you about to give up believing in any god to go and do something horrible I implore you to continue believing. Statistical evidence of prison populations could be given here showing atheists represent a smaller percentage of the population than their equivalent number in the general population, but, I don’t know if that is accurate. Given the unwarranted respect religion is given in showing a person have reformed it may be, though it seems not, that there are many converts-of-convenience in prisons. Because I will not rely on statistics I will put myself and my atheist family on the table for discussion. I have never raped, murdered or been in prison (I may be generally unpleasant but who needs to make everyone happy). Maybe I’m letting down the side but should that even be possible. Over my entire 45+ years of life I have never prayed to nor believed there was a god. I am also charitable but not to big money organisations. I have and will again invite total strangers in need into my home and treat them as family until they get their problems sorted. My life partners equally, maybe even more so, are good law abiding sorts and life long atheists who have never done time in prison. My eldest son is 18 and I haven’t had one visit from the police due to his behaviour in that time, I almost wish he would get out and do something adventurous. That makes the current count 4 of 4, 6 of 6 if you include my parents, 9 of 9 if you include all of our living atheist parents, that qualify as good people by our societies standards. The other thing you assume is that we can’t understand or obey laws, the laws that are an extension of our developing social moral standards and far more involved than your bible is in directing good behaviour (and mostly without praising) and punishing bad behaviour (more humanely than your bible).

Your nonexistent god seems unable to cover the basics very well and we atheists are simply not doing our part in supporting your stupid claims of low behavioural standards. If it simply comes down to your measure of morality being an imaginary friend, I have to tell you your standards are too low and childish for me.

My your gods remain fictional,

The Antitheocrat.

This argument goes quite simply “do you know your great (great great great) grandmother existed?”. Yes it is that simplistic.

Let’s start at the top. I am here and alive. I may not know who my great grandmother was but I can most definitely assume someone birthed my grandmother, mother and in turn, me from my experiences and knowledge. I saw both my sons being born so I know what vaginas are capable of. I know well enough that I sprang forth from my mother loins to assume my grandmother and my great grandmother had similar biological abilities. Finally I know there is a family history going back 400 years on my mothers side so I can assume 800, 1,600 and even more are entirely possible and likely. Given I am here as a product of being born of another person why would I have need to consider magic was used?

It isn’t always easy to know which direction the person asking is going but this is normally an argument for creationism and less often an argument for a historical jesus.

On the creationist side they have to be making some very big assumptions about how historical evidence came about beyond their 6,000 to 10,000 year planet birth. Assumptions they don’t make about the evidence from the 6,000 to 10,000 years since planet birth. If tomorrow they could find something that carbon dated as being around the time of Noah and everything pointed to it being a boat with kangaroo shit in it, they would yell it from roof tops that carbon dating proved them right. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know who my great grandmother was, I have enough evidence of her existence being a possibility to assume with confidence that she in fact existed. Our planet popping into existence from nothing is not in any way as acceptable as my great grandmother based on the evidence at hand. Assuming a god and a planet popping into existence along with life simply doesn’t offer anything but guessing and story telling. Science has not once found the answers to our existence in the bible, much study and hard work was done so other people could later try to find things in the bible that sounded similar. Though I may not know or understand all science I do know people are finding answers, questions and more answers that give us real information. Telling me I was not there to see the dinosaurs or know my Grandmothers mother and guessing an alternative to what can actually be proven is shear stupidity.

The person making an argument for a historical jesus is a little strange unless they are trying to say they have documented and DNA evidence of direct linage from jesus to show he existed. I have not heard this argument often but i have heard it made this way. The thing is I most certainly must have direct linage to my great grandmother whoever she was. Even if we assume someone in my linage was adopted and my great grandmother is not who I think she is, I still have one, everyone alive today has one. Some of may even have even met our great grandmother. On the other hand there is no historical record of jesus, the name jesus in the middle East at that time or any miraculous event attributed to anybody named jesus. Attributing any other name, especially a common jewish name only clouds the issue further. The only evidence normally given for jesus is a fictional book full of supernatural fairy folk and historical inaccuracy. I for one will not assume jesus as being as possible as my great grandmother, I may as well assume hobbits exist.

In conclusion. If you are going to try this argument on me, I am going to look at you and treat you like the idiot you present yourself as.

May you gods remain fictional,

The Antitheocrat.