The Antitheocrat

Bio: I am a life long realist, rationalist, atheist and egalitarian. I am a 3rd generation atheist, my sons are the 4th generation, so I wont stand for any of this "new atheism" or "atheists don't exist" bullshit. I am also a father, husband, polyamorous, environmental activist/realist, industrial instrument technician, musician/music writer, entertainer, business owner/manager, culture and economic systems enthusiast, pro-alternate energy activist, anti-nuclear activist and Australian (I guess that is important information). More recently in my life I have become anti-theist rather than the respectful atheist I once was (being respectful didn't mean I got respect in return so fuck you and the religion you rode in on). I have links to other aspects of my blogging including a Zazzle store. I know there is a tendency to accuse people of atheisting for profit but I make nothing from my work and created the store to print the shirts I wanted to wear. I make nothing from the store and if it ever does make money I will probably put it into my community work as funding community activities it is the sort of stupid thing I do when I do have money. Feel free to buy but there is no pressure, it doesn't feed my family or fund my media activity.

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