The Atheist Anti-theist Preacher.

Posted: July 8, 2019 in Atheism as I live it.
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Well it’s the last day of burning yellow envelopes at a Chinese funeral and to assist the family with closure I did the unthinkable, i recorded a reading from the bible as a form of burial right. I did it without being critical which is unheard of showing the depths even I’ll dive to for people I care about. The person in question did pray to a jesus even if she didn’t understand what it was and the Chinese being who they are, i thought any additional effort towards closure is worth the effort.
I tell you one thing for certain, we atheists would make bloody excellent preachers if we were less honest. I guess I did learn one other thing, we atheists can be compassionate people and overlook other peoples beliefs.

Okay so I already knew those things, but this was an interesting first for me. I’ve never written an actual service and performed it (even if it was in a microphone and sent to China for replay, it’s not even as if anyone but the person I sent it to will understand it).


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