The beginning of a media career. Sorta.

Posted: November 27, 2015 in Atheism as I live it.

So I finally took the plunge into radio. After 5 years battling to get our local community radio station to air I finally did it. With moral support and a bombed out caravan from another station I got the computers up and the transmitter firing, powering out a fully licenced and legal radio broadcast. After 5 years I had no interest left in programming a show, all I had left was the hope that people would get involved now we had things running. After 5 years it seems I am still one of a small few who can be convinced to do a show, so…

I have recorded a 4 hour a week (2×2 hour with a repeat) show about and playing ska music, my music, sod the listeners if we have any. Another guy has a 2 hour 5 days a week trying to suck up to all the local musicians who can’t be bothered doing their own shows. In a week we have less than half a days programming, the rest of a 24 hour a day 7 day week is fill, so…

COBAR ATHEISTS is going to air to fill 4 hours of Sunday (2×2 hours on repeat). Fame and fortune will soon be mine on the 100% volunteer small town radio station. Well notoriety will be mine anyway (as if it wasn’t already the case).

So my atheism as I live it is now a media presence with the problem of what do I say for 2 hours a week. I’m not a preacher, I can’t bullshit about imaginary friends for 2 hours. I can’t talk about the nonexistent doctrines of atheism. I don’t want to play 2 hours of religious and atheistic music and break it down. I have enough trouble getting blog posts finished (there are almost as many awaiting editing as are posted).


It’s a week since I started this post an I go to air today.

Turns out 2 hours was easy to fill. Just telling theists that I don’t feal hate towards them personally, that I feel sorry for them trapped as they are killed 10 minutes. Just throw in a couple of songs and talk about their content and wonder where the time went (yes, unlike other caster, I am not only a copyright licence payer, as a licenced music writer I also have a copyright of my own. I can play music the trick will be not playing and sending royalties to christian rocker sorts, fuck them).

At present all of our shows here are pre recorded due to changes in licencing and waiting for beaurocratic pen strokes. Our broadcast computer has to be automated and sitting up with our transmitter and we have no link between studio and the transmission point 10km away. This does have advantages. My show is set for Sundays at 10am and for a repeat performance at 6pm. Not having to record a live show saves some bother and doing it this way it can’t go wrong (unless its seriously wrong, only electrical burn out would stop everything restarting the way I have it set up). The second advantage is I get to air the first show for 2 weeks and repeat it again in 7 weeks time. Being a volunteer effort I don’t want to be always tied to a recording studio (even my own one in my own home).

For Internet users this has another advantage. One day I may put it on The Antitheocrat YouTube channel so you can all hear the shit I talk 🙂

Until such time, if you are in Cobar on a Sunday and want to know how to piss people off, listen to the show. The station is currently first in first served and as long as its legal and language warnings are in place – the station has one in general rotation but I have one on my shows too 🙂  not about to vet out the word fuck from songs and content for people unless it’s the kiddy hour, should we get one – my time slots are fixed and secure until I give them up. 10am and again at 6pm Sundays for 2 hours of atheist ramblings.

This is the Antitheocrat saying roger over and out 😀

May your gods remain fictional.

The Antitheocrat.


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