I have had many people tell me in my role as a facebook page and group admin that I should write a blog. I never took it seriously because I never thought I had enough words in me to make it worth the effort. Today I give in, I have note books full of my writing in the form of radio/youtube scripts and random thoughts, there are song ideas and lyrics and even a fiction novel. I was working on a radio show but that project is on hold and my writing went in other directions.

Finally I am setting up a blog to share some of my most atheistic thoughts and reasoning.

I will start out with a variation on the piece I have about my personal atheism. The atheism not of an angry ex-theist who having broken from their own life has anger and regret, but that of a life long atheist who really didn’t care for religion until it came bothering him. Someone who’s least concern was a god or afterlife.

I hope as I go on I manage to retain regular input, stay on track, always be well reasoned, thought provoking and informative. Give me time to settle in and I will do my best to get in to the habit of writing a blog (I haven’t been able to keep a diary since my mum found my quite personal dairy at age 15 🙂 ).

Thanks for reading and may your gods remain fictional.

The Antitheocrat.

The book is FICTIONAL.

The book is FICTIONAL.


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